This Donut Shop Is Sending Creepy Clowns to Make Deliveries

If, for some reason, you prefer your donuts with a side-order of potential nightmare material, then it looks like a local donut shop’s new delivery service with terrifying, red-haired circus clowns has got you covered. Hurts Donut locations are offering the option to have your donuts delivered by a menacing mutant clown for a $10 fee.

While the costumed employees bear a striking resemblance to the villainous sewer character from the recent remake of Stephen King’s It, the donut shop claims the similarities are not intentional. “We always try to keep up with the trends, and clowns are trending right now,” Hurts Owner Kas Clegg told GuideLive. Apparently, evil clowns are the next food trend to watch.

Whether you’d rather have your own donuts delivered by a nightmare-inducing character, or you’d prefer to use the service to scare the hell out of one of your friends (who likely isn’t expecting donuts or a clown-villain at their doorstep), the affair will certainly add a whole new element to your sugary dough ring consumption. Oh, and potentially confuse your neighbors, too.

The donut chain is contemplating extending sales beyond the initial two-day window, assuming customers are as enthusiastic as they are about baked goods transported by sinister clowns. In the spirit of Stephen King and Halloween, it seems anything is possible.

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Eliza Dumais is a writer who loves donuts almost as much as she hates clowns.