This Beautiful Domino Maze's Collapse Will Make You Feel Incredibly Satisfied


When one thinks of dominoes, an image of old men sitting in lawn chairs on a warm Spring afternoon might come to mind. Traditionally, the game suffices as a social lubricant, providing reason to gripe about one’s bad back while smoking a cigar and listening to the baseball game on a portable radio.

But YouTube user Havesh5 has carried dominoes into a completely new universe. Her 15,000-piece structure is the Roman Colosseum of dominoes, or the Sistine Chapel, or any other mecca where domino diehards might flock to pay their respects.

Take a look at its immense scale. The detail that Havesh employs to get every last, piddling detail just right, and all the pretty, kaleidoscopic colors are just mind boggling:

If you didn’t pass out from shock after watching her structure come tumbling down, Havesh5 says that the thing took 25 hours, over the course of eight days, to put together. What’s even more remarkable, is that Havesh5 claims this project is only her “third largest,” and she isn’t lying.

Anyway, stay on the lookout for more domino hijinks from Havesh5 by subscribing to her channel, and don’t show any of her contraptions to your grandfather. He’ll probably call it an abomination. 

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Sam Blum is a Staff News Writer at Thrillist. He has trouble keeping his shoes tied, so definitely cannot build you a domino maze. Follow him @Blumnessmonster