This Dude Got Stuck Ice Climbing and the Way He Gets Down Is Terrifying

There's something alluring about seeing a climber attempting something you wouldn't dream of and then having to expertly work their way out of a tricky situation. Where you might panic, they calmly do something terrifying. 

Enter a climb with Hansjörg Auer, who shared the video on his Facebook page. Auer writes that he was climbing up the icy face when he realized he had moved off his route and discovered "there is no option anymore to climb up or down." He not only had nowhere to go but faced other obstacles. "By the way," he writes, "you have no gear except a thin rope, one ice screw, your harness, a belay device and you need your crampons and ice axes to finish the climb. Challenging!"

Auer, who appears to have inherited Samwise Gamgee's elvish rope, looped his "thin rope" over a protruding rock that looks way too small to trust with your life. 

Auer then proceeds to rappel down the face. The whole thing might make your palms sweat a little. 

If that gets you going, his Facebook page is full of photos and videos of him climbing the kind of lines you might assume people should avoid.

h/t Deadspin

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