It's Not a Dream, Ice Cream Donuts Are Real

ice cream donut
David Molnar

No, this isn't some weird M. Night Shymalan thing where at the end everything was a dream and the rug gets pulled out from under you. Ice cream donuts are damn real. Helping you own summer, Five Daughters Bakery has launched this jealousy-inducing baked good that will definitely cause some lines.

That's the rub though, it's only from the Nashville-based Five Daughters Bakery. At many bakeries there are ice cream sandwiches where the donut is the bread -- like the one offered by Carpe Donut NYC -- but this one is different. The ice cream is actually inside this beautiful monstrosity.

The donuts will be available starting in the afternoons and will be made to order, with each one coming out just a little warm. Flavors on donuts and ice cream will vary from day to day.

New rule: Every city needs a Five Daughters by tomorrow afternoon.