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This Dude's Ice Cream Thermos Hack Is Simple and Brilliant

ice cream pint hack
Laura Murray/Thrillist | Twitter Screengrab

Summer is coming to an end, and you might have the urge to panic. There isn't much time to make sure you experienced all the summer fun you can handle. However, you need to resist the urge to freak out. American hero Donald Li has a simple hack that will let you multitask the hell out of the summer. 

Next time you're getting a scoop at the local ice cream shop, and they ask if you want it in a cone or cup, tell them there's a third option. You can put ice cream in a thermos. It's simple and brilliant, and, oh my god, a pint fits right inside a Yeti. 

Li got a pint of ice cream perfectly into a Yeti thermos. He even started by dropping a few ice cubes into the bottom to keep the ice cream extra cold. This is earth-shattering stuff.

Thermos plus pint equals ice cream-to-go joy. 

The responses on Twitter are proof that he has changed lives. 

Li is justifiably cashing in on his moment and getting the goods from Yeti and Enlightened Ice Cream. Hopefully, the hack works with Halo Top, because it just released Pancakes and Waffles and that sounds like the perfect beach snack. 

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