Ice-T Finally Explains Why He Hates Bagels, Would Like Everyone to Please Move on

The bagel-loving hordes on the internet erupted with confounded cries a few weeks ago, when Ice-T, in a Twitter exchange about his Law and Order character holding a cinnamon raison bagel in a recent episode, admitted that he had never in his life actually eaten one of the ring-shaped carb bombs. He is an enormously successful 60-year-old American man who's no doubt been around a lot of on-set catering trays. He must have had at least, like, one, right?!

Well, apparently not. And in an effort to address the uproar, the ever-charming and multi-hyphenated entertainer set the record straight on The Tonight Show Wednesday night.

The reason is quite simple, actually. He just doesn't like them, not only because he thinks they're too filling, but also "why would [he] eat an unsweetened donut?" Frankly, that is a very good question!

The whole bit of the interview is delightful and worth watching, as Ice also reveals why he thinks black coffee is disgusting, how he was finally convinced to eat a bagel very recently, and that he would very much like people to calm the hell down about his eating habits.

In Ice's words, "I'm good, I like jelly donuts, let's keep it movin'."

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.