This Buzzer-Beater Ends With a Gloriously Insane Call From the Announcers

March Madness is here, but the best call of the month might have been birthed across the Atlantic. An Icelandic basketball playoff match saw a Game 2 buzzer-beater sunk from the far free-throw line and the call is high-energy madness. 

With Tuesday's game tied and just 3.4 seconds left on the clock, Haukar’s Kari Jonsson sunk a wildly improbable three-pointer to beat Keflavik. The shot gave Haukar a 2-0 lead in the series. Even better, as noted by replies to the above tweet, Jonsson put in three free throws right before that in-bound to tie the game. He scored six points in the last 3.4 seconds to secure the win. 

The announcers may have been Keflavik fans, as highlighted by Sports Illustrated, because one of the announcers keeps shouting "nei," which is Icelandic for no.

Jonsson played for Philadelphia's Drexel University last year but turned pro in Iceland this fall, and the Game 2 hero is also the team's leading scorer. The call on his impressive buzzer-beater almost matches the mania from Team Germany's win to go to the medal round in the PyeongChang Olympics. More calls like this in the US, please.

h/t Sports Illustrated

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