If Your DQ Blizzard Isn't Served Upside-Down, the Next One's Free


Dairy Queen has long held that when you order one of its Blizzards, it should be served upside-down to demonstrate what should be its gravity-defying thickness. Granted, it's an inconsistently enforced policy the company has always left individual franchise owners to determine for themselves (so it's OK if you didn't know about it). But now, it appears Dairy Queen wants to lay down the law by vowing to serve your Blizzard upside-down -- or the next one is free. Looks like 2016 will be a helluva time to be alive.

Here's the deal: Starting on January 1st and lasting all year, Dairy Queen and DQ Chill & Grill restaurants all over the country have pledged to serve your blizzard upside-down, and if they don't, they'll give you a coupon good for a free Blizzard next time, according to a press release announcing the change. Oh, and if you order a Blizzard via the drive-thru, a DQ employee will show you its creamy structural integrity when you pull up at the window -- because they're "committed to offering the thickest, most delicious treat experience there is." There's also a website dedicated to the so-called "Upside Down or Free" promotion,

While the whole experience might be a tad awkward and embarrassing, it'll probably be worth it when you're pounding spoonful after spoonful of a FREE Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Smash Blizzard. Dairy Queen said it will also roll out special Blizzard flavors throughout the year as part of the promotion, so that's another little bonus. We'll take it.

h/t Grub Street

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and wonders if you can cheat the system with the way you hold out your hands when they serve it. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.