Everyone Is Making Jokes About IHOP Changing Its Name to IHOb

ihop becomes ihob
Courtesy of IHOB/Twitter
Courtesy of IHOB/Twitter

IHOP became IHOb on Monday, in a drawn out and temporary name change where the "P" flipped and became a "b." The former House of Pancakes is now the International House of Burgers because you maybe didn't know they serve burgers. 

The name change has been all over, so people definitely know IHOb serve burgers. (And some people discovered the "P" in IHOP stood for pancakes along the way.) However, the name change has also become fuel for the endless joke and meme machine on Twitter.

Despite the bevy of jokes (is it pevy, now?), IHOb responded to people on Twitter all morning and stuck with the schtick. 

It wasn't just pancake lovers taking potshots at the house that pancakes built. Other fast food joints smelled blood in the water as well. (It wasn't just Wendy's, either.)

Here are some of the best tweets about the IHOb.

It seems most people are a little confused why a place synonymous with pancakes would try to elbow out space in burgers, which is a crowded field among fast food and fast casual restaurant chains. However, the change is temporary and the pancakes aren't going anywhere. And maybe it's a sign that you should invite a friend over for brunch because there's nothing better than homemade pancakes. Also, friends don't invite you over for pancakes only to serve you burgers. 

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