IHOP Is Launching a 'Minions' Menu with a Lot of Bananas

Yes, there's another Minions movie coming. Yes, there are bananas on the menu.

Design by Mallory Rosten for Thrillist
Design by Mallory Rosten for Thrillist

Unless you have kids, you may have missed that the Despicable Me series just keeps trudging on like Michael Myers on Halloween night. Those little yellow gumdrops in pants and their lovably-villainous buddy are back in theaters this summer in Minions: The Rise of Gru. So, prepare for a deluge of movie tie-in products and promotions.

For instance, IHOP is making an all-day Minions-themed menu. You'll be able to make like a banana-loving Kevin, Stuart, or Bob from June 21 to August 21. The menu includes eight new items that are available at participating locations, which is always a delightfully unspecific bit of fine print.

Highlights from the menu (Min-u?) include the Ba-Ba-Banana Pudding Pancakes, which are pancakes with banana slices and banana pudding, as well as Nilla wafer pieces and Minion sprinkles. There's also a Ba-Ba-Banana Milkshake because you obviously need some banana items on a Minions menu. Those Minions love a good banana.

You'll also find Cinna-Minions (cinnamon donut holes), Gru's Evil Steakburger, the Minion Mango OJ Splasher, Cold Gru Iced Coffee (it's just a punny cold brew), and a few variations on the Cinna-Minions.

The menu also arrives with a promotion that gives kids 12 and under a free entrée from the kid's menu with the purchase of an adult entrée from 4-10 pm nightly while the Minions menu is in effect. We also wouldn't complain if "Sabatoge" played anytime you ordered off the Minions menu. That's just a dream scenario, though. 

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