IHOP Just Slashed Over Half of Its Menu. Here's Why.

Did your favorite breakfast survive?

Courtesy of IHOP

The coronavirus pandemic has forced both national chains and small businesses alike to pivot in the wake of new challenges. Breakfast icon IHOP is just the latest restaurant to fall victim. Earlier this week, the company announced plans to majorly pare down its massive menu

"IHOP went from a 12-page, reusable menu to a two-page, single-use menu to increase the safety of our guests and restaurant team members, to simplify operations for new and returning team members, and to help ensure that we can maintain a stable supply chain for all of the ingredients we use," chief marketing officer Brad Haley told Thrillist via email.

The chain has made a number of other changes as well, replacing syrup bottles and condiments with single-serve containers, and swapping out its reusable menus for disposable ones. But if you're worried about your fave dishes getting the axe, don't

"We didn't lose any big menu categories, we just trimmed across the board,” Haley said. “We held on to popular items that weren't as difficult to prepare and lost complicated items that fewer guests ordered, and that could be replaced with something similar." 

IHOP is also adding QR codes to tables for an entirely touch-free dining experience. Guests can just scan and the menu will pop up on their smartphones.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.
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