IHOP Is Offering Cheap Pancakes Today, but Not Because It's Sorry About That IHOb Thing

ihop special tomorrow
Courtesy of IHOP

It's IHOP's birthday on Tuesday. The house that pancakes built is turning 60. It's not celebrating by changing its name back to IHOb and making the "b" for birthday this time.

The sexagenarian restaurant is offering 60-cent short stacks from 7am to 7pm on July 17 as an invitation for you to celebrate its birthday.

Though, if it makes you feel better, you can think of it as an apology for that whole IHOb stunt. Last month, IHOP announced that it was flipping the "P" in its name upside down to become IHOb. After a few days of speculation, it revealed that it was an acronym for the International House of Burgers

Just last week it officially went back to IHOP, and it's business as usual. (And business is breakfast, not burgers.) It wasn't just turning the last letter back and forth for the fun of it. It was a pretty effective marketing stunt to make sure you knew they sling burgers in addition to breakfast all day.

If you're taking the cheap pancakes as an apology, that's fine. But IHOP's definitely not sorry. Loads of people know about the burgers now. 

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