IKEA Released Instructions for Making the Ultimate Blanket Förts

Förtress, höuse, cåve, cåstle, cåmping tent, and wigwåm.

Go ahead and press your face against the screen during a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon -- you still haven't fully escaped your loved ones to the degree that is possible with furniture forts. Nobody will see you under there, I promise. Make one. And if you don't remember how to, check out IKEA's newly released instructions on how to construct six different styles. 

Adult forts! Where no one can ask you to bake bread. Where it's too dark to Zoom. Where you can binge watch hours of Netflix in your own private castle, outside of the social sphere which so consumed you these past two months. 

The fort styles are förtress, höuse, cåve, cåstle, cåmping tent, and wigwåm. 

The fort images were created by IKEA Russia in partnership with the creative agency Instinct as part of a stay-at-home campaign, according to Dezeen.

"#StayHome was a general slogan of this spring. Self-isolation and quarantine measures are ongoing," a representative for Instinct told Dezeen. "Parents no longer know how else they can entertain their children being stuck inside the four walls." 

The instructions heavily remember those of a standard Ikea build. They involve common household items like chairs, couches and clothespins. Remember that, once you make it, it will become entirely invisible and successfully conceal you for days. So remember to let your loved ones know you're going for a walk or something. 

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