IKEA's Recalling 33,000 Beach Chairs Because They Slice People's Fingers Off

Maggie Rossetti/Thrillist

IKEA is recalling one of its most popular beach chairs, citing the product’s tendency to injure people. But unlike some chairs, the Mysingo model doesn’t just topple over due to a faulty hinge -- it literally hacks people’s fingers off.

In compliance with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Swedish furniture maker is offering full refunds for a total 33,000 chairs, after it received 13 complaints of “incidents” that harmed people worldwide.

The implications are grisly. The CPSC reported in a statement that IKEA is aware of “10 reports of injuries, six of which resulted in fingertip amputations.” Three of the severed finger incidents, including one that resulted in fingertip amputation injury, occurred in the United States. According to the brief statement on IKEA’s website, proof of receipt isn’t necessary for a full refund for one of these digit-hacking beach chairs. 

The chairs, which are manufactured in Bosnia and Herzegovina, came in eight different color varieties. Per the CPSC, they were on the market nationwide from February 2013 to December 2016, and cost $25 each. The chairs are foldable with a wood base and an attached polyester fabric seat that can easily collapse, which is where the grievous bodily harm comes into play.

If you peruse the product recall section of IKEA’s website, you’ll notice that things like this happen pretty frequently. Usually though, something is recalled because it tends to fall over, or doesn’t meet the safety standards of government regulators in a specific country.

But this is way more gruesome. Sitting in a beach chair shouldn’t slice your finger off, if you ask us. The chair has also been recalled in Finland, Germany, Denmark and Australia, because citizens of those countries also have fingers they can’t afford to lose.

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