Ikea Just Revealed Its Secret Meatball Recipe & It's a Lot Simpler than We Thought

Our beloved Swedish home store finally shared its meatball and sauce recipe.


When a BRYGGJASKVOLL dresser from Ikea takes 127 steps to assemble, it's hard to believe the multinational furniture store would make a meatball recipe that requires only six steps. But the company apparently did, and you can now see proof in the form of a teenie manual, because IKEA UK just posted its meatball and sauce recipe to Twitter.

"Missing your IKEA meatball fix?" the post reads. "We’ve created a recipe for you to recreate this delicious dish in the comfort of your own home." 

Last week, DoubleTree made headlines for dropping its darling chocolate chip cookie recipe. The world gasped. Back then, we thought a dash of lemon in cookie batter was the corporate shock of the century, but boy were we in for a surprise--the IKEA meatball contains both pork and beef, and its complimenting sauce is perfected by a dollop of mustard. I hate mustard! 

The recipe makes meatballs for a family of four and, aside from the simple ingredients, all you need is an oven, a frying pan, and the patience to fry 30-40 meatballs. But if you're like me and only own one single fork and a cheap pot, you can order the meatballs online.  

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.