This Guy Got an Unsolicited Dick Pic, Then Trolled The Hell Out of The Sender

It might be baffling that some dudes text their dick pics into the ether, hoping the recipient is someone they know who will appreciate the gesture. But occasionally, a case study in how not to send a dick pic rears itself, like with the case of Imgur user Syntax1985.

Some half-naked genius sent him the crotch shot he never asked for, so Syntax1985 reached into his bag of tricks and trolled the guy like a plain-old doofus.

Mind you, Syntax1985 is not a urologist, or any other kind of medical professional -- he works in “Tech Support,” according to the post’s description --  but managed to convince Señor Mystery Dick that he had a penile yeast infection.

That was good. But in an an even greater triumph, he convinced the guy to smother his genitals in batter to cure the ailment, because nothing says genital hygiene like wet, sticky flour.

Score one for the trolls everywhere. 

[HT Daily Dot]


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