It Just Got Way Easier to Try an Impossible Burger

Impossible burger Doordash
Courtesy of Impossible Foods

At this point, it'd be more surprising if you hadn't heard of the Impossible Burger. But that doesn't mean everyone has tried one or knows how to track it down regularly, outside of a fast-food chain like, say, Burger King. If you want a hand finding the plant-based burger substitute, DoorDash's latest feature will lend you a hand. 

The food delivery app has launched a "carousel" in the app that will let you know which restaurants offer the Impossible Burger in your area. That's it. You aren't just looking at one restaurant's menu, you're seeing every Impossible option available where you live and pig out. The new feature will launch in select cities immediately, according to a spokesperson. 

Those test areas are Atlanta, Bellevue, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, central Illinois, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Minneapolis, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

To celebrate its new partnership with Impossible, DoorDash is offering $0 delivery fees on your Impossible Burger from October 24 through November 7.

Of course, Impossible isn't the only game in town. There seems to be a new company making a plant-based meat replacement every week. But if you're looking to cut meat consumption for your health (though, this isn't exactly health food) or the environment, this isn't a bad way to see if the Impossible Burger is your bag

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