You Can Finally Order Plant-Based Impossible Meat Online

*Now more than ever* we don't want to go to Walmart!

Courtesy of Impossible Burger
Impossible Foods

Step aside Omaha Steaks. Impossible Foods launchd its first-ever online store on Thursday, so you can order its surprisingly beef-like plant-based "meat" from anywhere in the continental United States.

It's been quite a journey for realistic plant-based meat since it first debuted as a magical bleeding fiber in a petri-dish. Now the stuff is practically a household staple; fast food companies are competing for the best plant-based burger, and brands like Impossible are available at grocery stores nationwide. Now the popular offering is taking the next logical step, infiltrating the digital marketplace.

“With America facing meat shortages for the first time since World War II, we want to make it as easy as possible to get Impossible Burger -- whether you shop in person at your local supermarket, with Instacart or other delivery services, or directly online,” said Impossible Foods’ president Dennis Woodside, in a press release.

Last month the meat supply chain issues in the US were so severe that "fresh, never frozen" Wendy's faced burger shortages at some of its restaurants. Unfortunately, the pigtailed company hasn't yet launched its Plantiful Burger everywhere, unlike competitors such as White Castle and Burger King, which quickly partnered with Impossible Meats and debuted a veggie option nationwide.

Here's what you can order so far on the website: 

  • “Impossible Convenience Pack”: four 12oz packages for $49.99
  • “Impossible Combo Pack”: two 12oz packages and ten quarter-pound patties for $59.99
  • “Impossible Family Pack”: a single, 5lb bulk package for $64.99
  • “Impossible Grilling Pack": 20 quarter-pound patties for $69.99

The company offers free, two-day shipping for quick and easy access during the pandemic. 

“Shelter-in-place and social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19 altered our buying and eating habits -- and many of these changes are permanent, said Woodside. "Our intention is to make Impossible Burger available everywhere people shop and eat, including directly from our online store.”

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