You Can Finally Try Impossible's Plant-Based Pork

Impossible Foods is launching its next plant-based meat in New York and Hong Kong.

impossible pork
Photo courtesy of Impossible Foods

The Impossible Burger helped kick off a wave of plant-based meats at restaurants across the US, with many fast food restaurants even offering an option. Now, Impossible Foods has announced the commercial launch of its next plant-based meat, Impossible Pork.

The plant-based pork substitute will debut at Chef David Chang’sMomofuku Ssäm Bar in Manhattan on September 23. That will be followed by it hitting the menu at more than 100 restaurants in Hong Kong on October 4. For people in the US, it's a pretty limited launch, but if it has the same success as the Impossible Burger, you'll see it elsewhere before too long. Though, the next stop after Hong Kong is restaurants in Singapore in November, according to the company.

Chang giving the product its debut makes sense. He was the first chef to launch the Impossible Burger at Momofuku Nishi in 2016, and his Fuku restaurant launched Impossible Chicken Nuggets earlier in the month.

Impossible Pork is gluten-free and, compared to a serving of 70/30 US Department of Agriculture (USDA) ground pork, it contains 37% fewer calories, 59% less total fat, 36% less saturated fat, and three times more iron, according to the company's announcement. It also uses 81-85% less water, 66-82% less land, and 73-77% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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