You Can Get Your Dog a Free Pup Patty Off In-N-Out's Secret Pet Menu

The Pup Patty is safe for your dog to devour.

Michael Gordon/Shutterstock
Michael Gordon/Shutterstock

You don't know a true look of betrayal until your dog shoots daggers at you from beside the dining room table. But now, you no longer have to taunt Fido with food they can't have. Instead, the next time you swing through the In-N-Out drive-thru, you can snag them a free Pup Patty.

The beloved burger slinger is known for its secret menu (animal style or bust). But a lesser-known fact is that its elusive hush-hush offerings also include a few dog-friendly options, which are mostly free of charge, according to TikTok account Daily Paws.

The Pup Patty is an unsalted, broiled hamburger made without toxic ingredients or toppings. Typical additions like garlic and onion are a no-go for dogs. The menu also boasts an item originally devised for dogs but became a human favorite as well, The Daily Meal reports. The Flying Dutchman includes two beef patties and two slices of cheese. So if you're really looking to go all out, this is the route. After all that kibble, it's the least your dog deserves. 

Keep in mind, though, that while this menu item is dog-safe, it's still important to practice moderation because of the high-fat content, which isn't healthy for a dog's diet. If that gives you pause, you can always seek your vet's advice on the matter. 

And, of course, you're probably not swinging through the drive-thru without picking up a little something for yourself, too. At least, you shouldn't. Get your own secret menu order on by opting for some animal-style fries, a 3x3 burger, and a Root Beer float to finish it off.

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Megan Schaltegger is a staff writer at Thrillist.