OK, In-N-Out Burger's New 'Drink Cup Shoes' Are Actually Sexy

What does "need" even mean, really? Sure, without water you'd be dead. But without In-N-Out Burger's newly released Drink Cup Shoes, can you ever truly live? The answer is yes. But what is "yes," really? 

"Yes" can be the logical response to a science-based question, or it can be the answer you give when you're tired of living with $64.95 in your pocket and some lame, socially-acceptable-and-high-quality sneaker on your feet. Who really cares if you're a couple Hamiltons richer? Nobody! That's why it makes sense to spend that exact amount of money on sneakers covered in the burger chain’s iconic palm tree print. 

I'm serious -- they're actually very attractive. It's not like when Oscar Mayer started selling a shirt with that viral picture of the Wienermobile getting pulled over. It's more like when Popeyes released a sexier clothing line than I've seen in Milan. The chain announced the new product on its official Instagram on Tuesday, as an advertisement for Valentine's Day. 

"They’ll go a lot farther than a box of chocolates, the caption said. "Available on his, hers and youth."

Believe me when I say it's a good gift idea for your In-N-Out-loving partners, at least. I am a fan of In-N-Out, as well as a lover, so I can speak for every person at this intersection. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.