Spruce Up the Campfire with These New Weed S'mores

Weed S'mores Bars are probably good alone or in an actual s'more.

incredibles weed edible s'mores chocolate bar
Courtesy of Incredibles
Courtesy of Incredibles

It's almost summer. Backyard get-togethers, grilling, and s'mores are back. (Don't brag if you weren't buried in snow and never had those activities taken off the menu.) Coolers are full of beer, the fridge is stocked with cookout essentials, and in states where recreational weed use is legal, well, that's also part of the equation. 

If you're the person in your neighborhood who's always hunting for the newest gadget, the koozie that never gets warm, a grill that's basically a Wi-Fi-connected spaceship, or other tricks to craft the perfect cookout, Incredibles might have something to add to your grocery run. Its new weed-infused S'mores Bar could be the talk of the town if you break it out at the right time.

The company is gaining a reputation for making some desirable bars in the edibles space, like the limited-edition Pumpkin Pie chocolate bar that it released around Thanksgiving. This new limited-edition chocolate bar will likely be in dispensaries until mid-to-late August, a representative tells Thrillist.

While the bar would probably be quite good in a s'more (just an assumption) itself, it's made to be good on its own with marshmallows, milk chocolate, and graham cracker right in the bar. Each full bar contains 100mg of THC with breakout squares that are 10mg each. 

Of course, it remains complicated to know where you can get any specific weed product with the way that legal recreational use of weed is slowly trickling across the United States. You can currently find Incredibles products in Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Ohio, but you'll only find the S'mores Bar in Illinois, Massachusetts, and Ohio. Elsewhere, you'll need alternative campfire plans.

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