This Map Shows The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie In All 50 States

Published On 02/08/2017 Published On 02/08/2017

Having an aversion to Girl Scout cookies means something is patently wrong with you, emotionally and intellectually. Everyone blessed with a pulse and tastebuds enjoys funneling Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thanks-a-lots, and Savannah Smiles into their gullets. If you donā€™t, then itā€™s probably because you hate children.

Anyway, if youā€™re part of the human population tethered to reason and justice, this map of the most popular girl scout cookies in all 50 states is for you. Influenster queried 5,054 people across the country in an online survey, asking what Girl Scout cookies are the best. Then it compiled this map with the results, providing a snapshot of our union in cookie-form.

To the surprise of no one, Thin Mints and Samoas dominate much of the landscape, and itā€™s safe to assume that both cookies are at least more popular than last yearā€™s presidential candidates. Thin Mints were the favorite in a total of 25 states, while Samoas claimed the mantle in 18, although it consistently shared the second-place honor with Caramel Delights. Both Tagalongs and Peanut Butter Patties came in third, because they arenā€™t as good as Thin Mints or Samoas.

Feel free to peruse the map below, and support your local Girl Scouts chapter, because those cookies arenā€™t going to pay for themselves.


AK Thin MintsĀ®

AL Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

AR Thin MintsĀ®

AZ Thin MintsĀ®

CA Thin MintsĀ®

CO Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

CT Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

DC Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

DE Thin MintsĀ®

FL Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

GA Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

HI Thin MintsĀ®

IA Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

ID Thin MintsĀ®

IL Thin MintsĀ®

IN Thin MintsĀ®

KS Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

KY Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

LA Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

MA Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

MD Thin MintsĀ®

ME Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

MI Thin MintsĀ®

MN Thin MintsĀ®

MO Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

MS Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

MT Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

NC Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

ND Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

NE Thin MintsĀ®

NH Thin MintsĀ®

NJ Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

NM Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

NV Thin MintsĀ®

NY Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

OH Thin MintsĀ®

OK Thin MintsĀ®

OR Thin MintsĀ®

PA Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

RI Thin MintsĀ®

SC Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

SD Thin MintsĀ®

TN Thin MintsĀ®

TX Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

UT Thin MintsĀ®

VA Thin MintsĀ®

VT Do-si-dosĀ® / Peanut Butter Sandwich

WA Caramel deLitesĀ® / SamoasĀ®

WI Peanut Butter PattiesĀ® / TagalongsĀ®

WV Thin MintsĀ®

WY Do-si-dosĀ® / Peanut Butter Sandwich

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