Injured Soccer Player Run Over by Medical Cart on Its Way to Help Him. Everyone Laughs.

In this world, each of us has a task, often more complicated than it appears. As a senator, you parse competing moral and ethical responsibilities; as a rocket scientist, you have to science rockets, which is super-hard, probably. But one job offers utter clarity of purpose, and that's driving a medical cart to aid an injured player. You simply do not further injure the player.

And yet, this video exists. 

What you're seeing is a man driving a golf cart over the soccer player he's supposed to rescue. It's hard to stress how funny it is that this happened, and it's hard to overstate how fundamentally this man failed to complete the task assigned to him.

But he brought us joy, so let's not be too hard on the driver. He and everyone else in the video (except the player with the smashed foot) are laughing. Including the announcers. Maybe his deeper task all along was to bring joy to the world? In which case, he's objectively succeeding?

The guy with the smashed foot, if you're wondering, is a player for Trindade AC named Bernardo. Deadspin reports that this was the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior match between Trindade AC’s Under-20 side and the Brazilian club Flamengo. Bernardo eventually returned to the game, and his side even won 1-0.

But that's all sort of beside the point. The real match was between the man driving the cart and himself. 

h/t Deadspin

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