Insomnia Just Unveiled an Everything Bagel Cookie & You Can Have It for Breakfast

Insomnia Cookies is rolling out three breakfast-inspired cookies, including an Everything Bagel cookie.

insomnia cookies everything bagel
Image courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

The favorite late-night stop of cookie lovers is shifting its focus to breakfast. No, it's not going to offer breakfast. It is launching three breakfast-inspired cookies. 

Insomnia Cookies is baking up a Cinnamon Bun cookie and the Cereal N Milk Cookie, the latter of which will be available starting September 13. The third cookie is more surprising. It's an Everything Bagel cookie, which Insomnia says has "everything you love about bagels." That includes poppyseeds and onion. No cream cheese, however. (Though, it might be worth giving that a try when you get home.)

All three cookies are only going to be served up for a little while, with the Cinnamon Bun and Everything Bagel cookies available immediately. The Cereal N Milk Cookie is part of the chain's annual PJ Party, but it's keeping details on that party under wraps for now.

As is the case with all of its cookies, you can get those delivered right to your door. Your local shop might not be open early enough for you to get an Everything Bagel cookie for breakfast, so you'll have to order it the night before and warm it up on your own. 

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