Insomnia Cookies Wants to Give a Lucky Student a Cookie Every Single Day of College

insomnia cookies cookie in space
Courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

Nothing can really satisfy like a fresh baked cookie as you cram for yet another daunting midterm in the dead of night. Insomnia Cookies, born in a dorm room from this exact scenario, knows this -- and wants to provide cookies for one lucky student every single day of college. That's right: four years worth of cookies to get you through higher education. That's 1,459 cookies.

“Whether you’re entering school for the first time or returning for another year, the transition requires young adults to balance academic, social and often work -- usually at the sacrifice of sleep,” Seth Berkowitz, founder & CEO for Insomnia Cookies, said in a press release. “To kick off this school year, we want to help students enthusiastically embrace the lack of sleep that is all part of the experience. Insomnia Cookies was born in a dorm room, so focusing on this phase of life goes back to our core identity.”

Though we don't inherently believe lack of sleep is necessary for a successful school year, we definitely wouldn't mind a bulk shipment of cookies. To enter Insomnia's cookie sweepstakes, literally entitled Enter Insomnia, students will have to head to the cookie purveyor's website and simply share their name and info. One lucky student will get the grand prize of cookies for the entirety of college, while 10 other students will earn $100 gift cards -- which can still get you a bunch of cookies for study group dates (or entirely for yourself, we won't judge). 

The sweepstakes starts September 3 and winners will be announced in October. Additionally, on September 17, cookie fanatics can also join "pajama parties" at all Insomnia locations. From 10pm to 3am, Insomnia will be giving out a free cookie to every attendee, as well as specially priced cookie boxes to feast on in the early morning hours. Those dressed in their PJs also have the opportunity to earn free Insomnia cookie gear.

Even the cookie monster isn't this crazy about cookies. 

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