Insomnia Cookies Is Making Boxes of ‘Nachos’ for 4/20

But don’t worry, it’s still a sweet treat.

Insomnia Cookies' Cookie Butter 'Nachos.'
Insomnia Cookies
Insomnia Cookies

April 20 is both a cannabis holiday and a food holiday, with all the inventive snacks to match. Bakery chain Insomnia Cookies’ contribution to this year’s celebration is as sweet as ever, but presented in a more traditionally savory fashion. 

The cookie company's new Cookie Butter Nachos take 18 chocolate chunk cookies, douse ‘em in cookie butter and pile on up to three more toppings of your choice. The novelty will only be sold through May 2, or, crucially, “while supplies last,” according to a spokesperson. Insomnia is also giving out one free cookie with all in-store and delivery orders, and has special offers for its CookieMagic members.

Insomnia Cookies has multiple locations across the country, with many delivering warm baked goods late into the evening. You can find your local store here

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