Insomnia Cookies Made Cookie 'Nachos' for 4/20 with Potato Chips, Pretzels, & More

These "nachos" aren't nachos but a pile of salty and sweet treats.

insomnia cookies nachos 4/20
Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies
Photo courtesy of Insomnia Cookies

The annual weed holiday approaches. On April 20, food chains will attract celebrants through their doors with the promise of delicious (and sometimes low-cost) treats.

Insomnia Cookies, a bakery chain touting warm and mail-order cookies, is bringing back its kitchen sink-style pile of sweet and salty snacks. The Munchie Style Cookie Nachos are a giant pile of treats that's perfect for 4/20 and working hard to earn that "nachos" moniker. They'll be released on April 20 and only available through April 25. 

An order of Cookie Nachos arrives in a box filled with 18 Mini Chocolate Chunk cookies drizzled with cookie butter and caramel before getting topped up with crushed potato chips and pretzels. It's a very all-in approach to the holiday. Unfortunately, you're going to need an Insomnia shop nearby to get these. They're only available in-store. 

If you aren't nearby, however, you can still snag the Baked to Perfection 12-pack, which is available online now through April 25. That box comes with a dozen cookies. It might not have the wow factor of the nachos, but it's still a dozen soft cookies.

Other releases available in-store for the cannabis holiday include Munchie Style Big Dippers, which comes with four Classic Cookies, a dip of your choice, crushed potato chips, and pretzels. It's kind of a mini nachos dish. The other release is the Munchie Style Lil' Dippers, which has 12 Mini Chocolate Chunk cookies with potato chips and pretzels. Both will be released on April 20 and available through April 25. If you've got a sweet and salty itch, Insomnia wants to scratch it on 4/20.

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