'Instagram Husbands' Perfectly Lampoons Ridiculous Couples' Photos

You're browsing Instagram in your spot of choice -- in bed, on the toilet, while driving (that's dangerous!) -- when you happen upon a photo that looks beyond contrived. You know, the one of your friend in a relationship, but she's gallivanting solo in some hip part of town in a hat and leather jacket leaving you to wonder, "Does she work?" and more importantly, "Where the hell is her boyfriend?"

Enter "Instagram Husbands".

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The massive viral hit -- with more than 2.7 million YouTube view in just two days as of this article's publishing -- pokes fun at the plight of the person behind the iPhone, who might get a camera emoji credit, but seldom an actual photo appearance. As one forlorn husband laments, "I'm basically a human selfie stick."

Created by Jeff Houghton, a local late-night TV host from Springfield, MO, and his comedy group, The Mystery Hour, "Instagram Husbands" isn't just a one-off video hit, but part of an entire website dedicated to the phenomenon.

And if you're upset about gender-normative nomenclature, well, understand that "Instagram Husband" and "Instagram Wife" are roles blind to "marital status, relationship status, gender, or age," as the website details. No, the "Wife" is the front-of-shutter star, while the "Husband" toils away behind the scenes, snapping, liking, and commenting on every inane shot.

As AdWeek reports, Houghton and his group didn't see the video as their ticket to fame or riches, but rather, just a snippet of their real lives and part of their regular show.

"The video is an exaggeration of my wife and I, as well as our friends," Houghton told AdWeek. "It felt universal, so I knew we had something -- but never would have guessed this."

Clearly, "Instagram Husbands" touched a nerve -- because it's true. Like that saying goes, behind every great Instagram photo is a Husband.

Or something like that.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He has a lowly 389 Instagram followers. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.