Brace Yourself: Instagram Just Launched a New App Icon & App Redesign

With the controversy surrounding its rumored new algorithm and the gradual rollout of a new, black-and-white redesign for some users in recent weeks, Instagram has dropped a number of clues about big changes up its sleeves. And now, it appears some of those changes have finally arrived via an update to the app released Wednesday morning; specifically, an all-new app icon and the widespread launch of the simplified black-and-white app redesign.

That's right, the skeuomorphic, camera-like icon that you've tapped a zillion times is officially gone. And it's been replaced with this thing:

"Today we’re introducing a new look. You’ll see an updated icon and app design for Instagram," the company explained in a blog post announcing the changes. "Inspired by the previous app icon, the new one represents a simpler camera and the rainbow lives on in gradient form."

As for the redesigned app, Instagram claims the new look "puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app." Here's what it looks like (although you can just head over to the App Store and update your own to see it firsthand):

Courtesy of Instagram

As you can image, a lot of people aren't very happy about the changes:

But regardless of how you feel about the changes, you probably won't even remember that it happened in a few months. The world will soldier on, and you will not stop taking food photos and selfies.

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and loves the redesigned app and dislikes the new app icon. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.