Instagram's New Feature Makes It Easy to Do a Following Cleanse

Everybody knows that the feed of a longtime Instagram user is not a reflection of that user's life. It's a picture of their high school lab partner's baby, or a bad punk band they liked seven years ago, or a former coworker they had an inappropriate obsession with. But Instagram is making it a bit easier to cut out all the BS dominating your user experience, with a brand new filtering feature.

Our beloved social photo platform just debuted a feature that lets you sort through accounts that you’re following by “Most shown in feed” and “Least interacted with.” That means you'll be able to see the accounts that dominate your user experience (like, say, clothing brand pages you are often visiting) and accounts you seem to pay little or no attention to (the accounts you'd probably want to unfollow, like the former coworker you were obsessed with, because you need to get a grip). Below is a visual posted by the company on Twitter.

The update should be showing up on your phone soon, especially if you close the app and restart it. Be patient, Android users, and be ruthless with your unfollows, everyone... It's high time we see Our Truth on the feed, like the current coworker we're obsessed with.

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.