Instagram Is Now Internally Testing Its Own BeReal Feature

Like Instagram Reels, the new feature seems to copy offerings from a different platform.

Instagram used to be the place where you posted a single photo of your food, or a selfie, or all your friends together on the beach. It was meant, at least by my interpretation of the name, to be a place where you could quickly share a snippet of your life or interests and see your friends share the same. It has undergone a series of transformations in the 12 years since the app launched.

When Facebook acquired the social media platform, your feed transformed repeatedly. First came the ads, then stories, then the suggested posts, then Reels. The app tries to offer the features of every other platform, offering TikTok-style videos and Snapchat-style DMs. It seems like Instagram went from a place where you could see photos from your friend's weekend trip upstate to where you get marketed a 35-second video on why you should rent a cabin upstate.

Now, as yet another new social media platform gains popularity, Instagram is rumored to be testing out a way to mimic its own version. BeReal, a French app launched in 2020, is a breath of fresh air, a platform that offers users a chance to post once a day and see unfiltered unposed moments from friends.

According to Mashable, Instagram is already internally testing a new feature in the app that will offer something very similar. Instagram Candid Challenges will prompt users to take a selfie at a random point in the day. Just like in BeReal, you'll have two minutes to post your picture once you are notified. An Instagram representative confirmed to Engadget that the feature was being tested. That doesn't mean it will make its way into our feeds, but don't be surprised if it does.

Most of the changes Instagram has made to offer the features of other apps have been poorly received. People liked what the original Instagram App had to offer. Personally, I prefer to have different apps for different purposes. I initially loved Instagram precisely because it wasn't anything like Facebook. I wasn't being suggested posts or friends or products. I got to curate my feed. I like TikTok because I go in not knowing what to expect but hoping for cat videos. I like BeReal because there's no noise, not much scrolling, and a direct connection to people I actually talk to.

Like my mom told me when I was in high school, comparing myself to other girls and pop stars: You don't need to be anyone else. You're perfect as your unique self. Instagram, take a note from Tracey, and consider being comfortable with your own skin (technological features and algorithms).

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Opheli Garcia Lawler is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist. Follow her on Twitter @opheligarcia and Instagram @opheligarcia.