These International Cities Have the Most Remote Job Postings

A recent survey of 2,000 workers showed that 97% would prefer to continue working remotely.

The exterior of a small cafe in Lisbon, Portugal.
Lisbon, Portugal | Clifford/Unsplash
Lisbon, Portugal | Clifford/Unsplash

Maybe you've gotten one of those emails, the one that is like: "Hey Team! Starting next week, we are going to ask that all employees return to office to help foster a more collaborative environment," sent by the most unbearable micromanager you've ever met. Unsurprisingly, most people dread this email, according to a recent survey from Buffer, which found that 97% of people who are working remotely want to keep working remotely.

But if you've been given that commute ultimatum, or fantasize about finally trying out the WFH lifestyle, Virtual College put together a list of cities around the world that are most in favor of remote working. The list was created by combing through LinkedIn job postings and determining which international cities have the highest percentage of remote and hybrid jobs. Here's the ranking:

1. Mexico City, Mexico - 18.69%
2. New York, United States - 18.44%
3. San Francisco, United States - 17.62%
4. Warsaw, Poland - 14.82%
5. Lisbon, Portugal - 11.07%
6. Seattle, United States - 10.78%
7. Athens, Greece - 10.39%
8. Denver, United States - 10.02%
9. Bilbao, Spain - 9.62%
10. Boston, United States - 9.40%
11. Seville, Spain - 9.23%
12. Philadelphia, United States - 9.22%
13. Toronto, Canada - 9.12%
14. Baltimore, United States - 8.97%
15. San Jose, United States - 8.87%
16. Madrid, Spain - 8.62%
17. Budapest, Hungary - 8.28%
18. Washington, United States - 8.26%
19. Prague, Czech Republic - 8.22%
20. Chicago, United States - 8.20%

Based on Virtual College's findings, more than half of the top 10 cities for virtual work are in the US: New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, and Boston. That also makes sense when you consider how few people can actually afford to live in those cities, gainfully employed or not.

You can check out the complete list at and then start dreaming up your resignation letter.

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