Astronauts Just Had a Zero-Gravity Pizza Party on the International Space Station

There's a lot to love about space, like near-weightlessness, a chance to peer into the void, and some great Instagram content. You have to remember, though, that space lacks both oxygen and pizza. That has to be hard, and NASA knows this. That's how the above video came to be, in which a bunch of brilliant astronauts throw a veritable pizza party and record it for us Earth-dwellers to revel in.

These weren't basic pies either; advanced toppings like olives made a showing. Pepperoni is deftly floated into mouths, sauce is applied midair, and lots of smiles are cracked. As an astronaut cuts his pizza with scissors, the half he isn't holding floats up and away, and they pass pies to each other as the pizza remains intact. It puts whatever parties you were throwing in fifth grade to shame.

Apparently crew member Paolo Nespolia, who's an Italian astronaut and Europe's oldest space explorer at 60 years old, "casually mentioned" during a live public event that he missed pizza. Naturally, pizzas were then shipped up to the crew, in what will someday hopefully be a Michael Bay movie. NASA slipped the pizza ingredients into a cargo delivery back in November.

These space-dwellers, known as the Expedition 53 team, are studying "cosmic rays, the production of fiber optic material in space, and how space affects rodents’ bodies," according to a report by Fortune. If they're half as good as that as they are at throwing pizza parties, science is in good hands.

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