The Internet Brutally Roasted Tom Brady During the Super Bowl

Tom Brady gets roasted

When the game started, it was not Tom Brady's Super Bowl and the internet loved it. In the end, he'd get the last laugh with the biggest comeback in NFL history, but that doesn't mean they weren't laughs to be had from people reveling in Brady's first-half struggles.

Brady's first half ended with a pick-six and a failed march down the field that only generated three points. Instead of disappointment resounding on social media there was unbridled glee. The citizens of social media rejoiced in Brady's misfortune. 

Even publications had to jump into the fray, in part because the Patriots quarterback, arguably the greatest of all-time at this point, has rarely failed so miserably on a big stage. (Though, we did already know that no one wanted the Patriots to win the game.)

Here's a taste of how the internet celebrated Brady's early failure that almost guaranteed the Falcons would win the Super Bowl. The Falcons hit halftime with a 21-3 lead and the biggest comeback in a Super Bowl is only 10 points (done three times). The writing was on the wall (until that writing was erased with an incredible second-half performance).

Putting all these burns in one place almost makes you feel bad for Brady. Almost. He'll be able to nurse himself back to happiness with all those gaudy Super Bowl rings he's already won, including the one he grabbed Sunday night.

But the burns did not stop at half time. There were some funny posts coming in up until Brady mounted the Pats comeback and the first overtime victory in Super Bowl history. 

Things turned around quite a bit for Brady and the Patriots, but hopefully everyone is still able to enjoy a joke. No?

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