People Are Making All Sorts of Fun of the New iPhone's Freaky Camera Setup

iphone 11 meme

Apple has unveiled the next line of really big iPhones. So, many people have rushed to the couch cushions searching for loose change in hopes of affording one of the shiny new objects. A lot of changes are coming with the new phone, including the inclusion of three camera lenses on the back of the device. 

People jumped onto social media to lampoon the new camera design, while others lauded the functionality. But a contingent of people also began to complain. They said the phone triggered their trypophobia. The phobia is a fear or aversion to seeing clusters of small holes or bumps. Some people just find the sight of holes like that to be gross, while others have a more physical reaction. 

Of course, those who weren't feeling ill at the sight of the cameras took some time to make jokes about the phone's new design, because that's what the internet is for.

The new iPhones, which come in a variety of colors and have a boosted battery life, will be released on September 20. They'll run you anywhere from $699 to $1,449. Unfortunately, none of the iPhone 11 variations will double as a cheese grater

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.