Watching an iPhone 7 Get Covered in Rubber Is Bizarrely Satisfying

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It takes all of about three days for a new smartphone's release for somebody to figure out dumb and bizarre ways to break it. The iPhone 7 is no exception -- but these one's a little different. OK, a lot different.

In what amounts to iPhone 7 rubber mummification porn, the YouTube channel TechRax decided it was a worthwhile idea to pour silicone rubber all over an iPhone 7 -- and not just the brand-spanking new Apple phone, but its power box and lightning cable, too, all stuffed inside the phone's box.

After about 5 hours, the rubber gets peeled off -- you'll just have to watch to see whether or not the phone's a goner. Actually, spoiler alert: it's fine, unlike when the same guy drilled a hole where the headphone jack used to be.

It's also weirdly satisfying to see perfect molds peeled off the phone and the negative space its parts leave.

Buncha weirdos. Just leave your expensive phones alone.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He has an iPhone 6s that has never been covered in rubber. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.