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Apple Didn't Make Enough of the iPhone 7 Plus and People Are Pissed

The iPhone 7 hit the market today, capping off a week of snafus that saw people lambast Apple across the Internet. Despite decrying the rollout of iOS 10 and skewering the company's AirPod headphones, now on sale for $159, plenty of customers still woke up this morning to get their paws on the newest device -- only to discover the iPhone 7 Plus is sold out in Apple stores worldwide.

Despite the news, which was reported pretty heavily yesterday, many Apple customers were somewhat left in the dark, and the internet provides ample proof. 

Reddit is particularly awash with accounts of headaches at the Apple store. 

Apple noted yesterday that some partner locations -- such as your local Verizon or ATT stores -- would have limited stock of the 7 Plus. However, many people were disappointed upon entering carrier stores this morning. Some, like Redditor Nadine824, slept outside, waiting 9 hours on the street for a phone that failed to materialize (!). 

Some were denied phones even after having longstanding reservations. Redditor t00w00t tells of having a reservation vanish at the last second, and a glut of commiserating comments follow: 

Some people met the dearth of 7 Pluses with a shoulder shrug, leaving lines at the Apple Store and sparing themselves the headache:

There's also a wait period for those who've placed online orders of the phone. Some people are facing a period of 2-3 weeks, while those who've pined for the Jet Black 7 Plus might be receiving their gadgets in November, the company has said. 

For what it's worth, some cities seem to be getting the hint. Reports from Southern California suggest that lines outside of Apple Stores and partner locations are sparse, despite a general air of enthusiasm. An image from Costa Mesa's Apple Store this morning bolsters that claim: 

Despite the grievances of people who absolutely can't live without Apple's newest device, it's likely the company will produce ample stock in due time. Whether or not they can keep currying favor with their clientele is another question, especially if the latest hearsay comes to fruition.