iPhone vs. Molten Metal: Guess Who Wins?

There is nothing YouTubers like more than destroying an iPhone. Whether that involves mummifying an iPhone in blue silicon or seeing if you can convince people to drill a hole in their phone, there's a lot of satisfaction being derived from the destruction of the ubiquitous smartphone.

The Backyard Scientist has gone to extreme lengths to destroy an iPhone. He's dipping the ridiculously expensive device in molten aluminum just to see what happens.

Initially, the phone sinks, then it bursts into flames. It doesn't seem like the hosts are sure whether or not you should be breathing in phone batteries turned into molten liquid. To be safe, let's say it's a bad idea. 

You can just about feel the heat through the screen, but it's bizarrely beautiful at the same time. In slow motion, the phone enters and bobs in the molten metal. It floats and melts and bends and is utterly wrecked.

Did you guess who wins?

Congrats. If you're feeling pretty good about how this one went, try to guess who wins between a Big Mac and molten copper.

h/t Gizmodo

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