This 2-Second Trick Will Free Up Your iPhone Memory

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If your iPhone runs slower than caramel sauce right when you need to Instagram that ice cream sundae, here's a trick you can use before you, and the ice cream sundae, have a meltdown. 

CNET just gave gave out a two-step process that immediately frees up space on your iPhone, but mind you, it only works when you have a bunch of apps open by quickly stopping all the app activity. But still, it's a nice little thing to know how to do. 

Step 1

Press the power button on your iPhone and get to the "swipe to power off" screen.

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Step 2

Don't swipe to power off or hit cancel. Just hold down the home button for a couple seconds until you return back to the home screen. 


That's it. 

To test this out, we installed a system monitor in an iPhone. Here's what the memory looked like before and after the trick. 


Screenshot via System Tools


Screenshot via System Tools

As you can see, there's more memory. So, it worked. 

It's only a momentary boost, but hey, it takes two seconds. 

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