Watch This Woman's iPhone Randomly Explode Due to an Unofficial Battery

While our access to the simple joys in life like memes and pics of strangers' dogs was limited, there's a lot to be said for life before 24/7 tech access. For instance, our electronic devices weren't self-immolating in close proximity to our bodies. Do they do this because, as Don DeLillo suggests, technology has a death wish? Or possibly because people get faulty unofficial batteries from China? Well, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

The latest fodder for these questions is the video above, in which a woman is driving with her husband, presumably having a perfectly fine day, when her iPhone spontaneously explodes on the car's dashboard. It seems to settle down for a minute and then reignites with an even larger flame, forcing her to stop the car.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhh, ahh," says the woman.

This terrifying turn of events happened in Shanghai on August 1. The driver, whose name is Jiang, was reportedly driving with her husband and had her iPhone 6 battery replaced back in February from a repair store that wasn't certified. The iPhone's battery was not an official Apple replacement part and was found to be the cause of the explosion.

So the lesson here is that you should make sure you're taking your iPhone to an Apple-authorized repair store (but even official iPhone 6s have a history of exploding). So maybe the true lesson is to cast your phone into a river (or recycle it) and go live in the woods. 

h/tDigg, EEC Media

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