Your iPhone Has a Major Security Flaw, Courtesy of iOS 9

Published On 09/23/2015 Published On 09/23/2015

Thanks to the new iOS 9 update, your iPhone is now better than ever -- it's also vulnerable to an astonishingly simple security exploit, one that allows anyone with a finger to access all of your contacts and photos without having to unlock your phone. Yeah, not good.

The tipoff comes courtesy of Youtube user "videosdebarraquito," who created a video outlining the flaw within iOS 9 -- all you need to do is enter an incorrect PIN on the lock screen four times, then enter three random numbers and hold down the home button to summon Siri and ask her for the time. This opens the clock app, and after a few more steps (outlined by the video below), you're free to peruse every contact and photo on the phone.

If this sounds like a big problem, well, that's because it is, but there's actually a pretty simple solution: disabling the ability to launch Siri at the lock screen effectively eliminates this exploit. Only thing is, if you haven't made this change in your phone's settings -- and most people probably haven't -- you're still vulnerable.

So, until Apple shores up this gap in iOS 9's security, you'd be well served to watch the video and protect your naked belfies from prying eyes.

(h/t BGR)

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