How to Get Paid $90,000 to Move to a Remote Irish Island

Get away from the hustle and bustle of mainland life.

The news I am about to share with you is news I don't even really want you to know about. But, out of my duty to you, the reader, I shall divulge: Ireland is looking to reinvigorate 20 of the islands off the west coast of the country right now. It's part of a government initiative called Our Living Islands, that will span across 10 years between 2023 and 2033.

The goal of the project is to "revitalize population levels on the islands, diversify island economies, enhance Health and Wellbeing services, empower Island Communities, and build smart sustainable futures." As part of the project, the Irish government will be giving out grants of roughly $92,000 to people who will refurbish vacant or abandoned homes and live in them.

"Our offshore islands and their communities are an integral part of the fabric of rural Ireland.
The islands are also home to some of our most vibrant and culturally distinctive communities," Heather Humphreys, the country's minister for rural and community development, said in a statement. "They are an integral part of the State's heritage and have a special significance in Irish culture."

To qualify for this grant, you'll need to meet the following requirements:
- have proof of ownership or evidence of active negotiations to buy the property (that is, confirmation of engagement from the estate agent or owner of the property) where you are seeking approval in principle for a grant
- live in the property as your principal private residence or make it available for rent
- have proof that the property has been vacant for at least two years and that it was built up to and including 2007

You can download and submit applications on the Irish government's website. Just don't be surprised if I end up being your next door neighbor.

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