Irish People Try Hostess Cakes For The First Time

Published On 12/03/2016 Published On 12/03/2016

Irish people eating American food has blossomed into a full-blown cottage industry. Ok, maybe it’s not THAT big of a cultural force, although it does make for some pretty gluttonous, cross-cultural entertainment. From the hedonists at YouTube’s Facts channel, we’ve seen the Irish try Thanksgiving food, Cronuts, Halloween candy and deliver their verdicts in often hilarious ways. Indulging in another American junk food institution, our Irish friends recently tried a whole slate of Hostess cakes, including Twinkies, Sno Balls, Zingers, Ding Dongs and Donettes.

It’s worthwhile to note that confections produced on an industrial scale are far more normal in the United States than in Ireland. That’s why the people in this video react to their Hostess treats with such alarm. When eating one of the treats, one woman claims the Hostess cake “is having a chemical reaction with my spit,” which probably wasn’t untrue at the time. And in incredibly Irish fashion, one guy likens a Sno Ball to a “pasty arse,” which also isn’t untrue.

Opinion was obviously mixed in this installment of Irish people eating American food, although the soundbites were clearly as good as ever. One astute observer noticed that Hostess cites “genetic engineering” as one of the ingredients on the back of its boxes. No wonder they weren’t exactly raving over every cream-filled morsel.

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