Irish People Taste American Movie Theater Candy for the First Time

So far this year, the opinionated -- and often very funny -- Irish people over at the Facts. channel on YouTube have dished on their first impressions of American pies, seafood, and chocolates. Now, they're back with yet another new video in which they taste test something likely ubiquitous for you, but totally foreign to them: American movie theater candy.

Yes, we're talking about the classic boxed candy you can almost always buy on sale at a drug store and smuggle into the show instead of shelling out $5 or more for it at the theater. As you can see in the video (shown above), the Irish men and women are asked to taste Milk Duds, Hot Tamales, Mike and Ike, and Junior Mints for the first time. The video's creators somehow managed to leave out concessions counter heavyweights like Raisinets, Strawberry Twizzlers, Swedish Fish, and Sno-Caps (among others), but that could be a good thing based on the participants' reactions to the other candies.

Basically, the taste-testers' opinions are more or less what you'd expect from people trying candy you damn-well wouldn't eat outside the glow of the big screen: a mix of confusion, disappointment, and enjoyment. Their reactions, of course, are anything but sugar coated, with highlights like "I think they're meant to go up your bum?" and "These are just jelly beans," and "They look like what a hamster would poop out." There are also plenty of unintelligible grimacing sounds, thanks to the Hot Tamales, of course.

Junior Mints, however, was the one candy that received generally good reviews. Then again, as one Cosmo Kramer once said, who can turn down a Junior Mint

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and typically sticks to popcorn and cocktails (where available) at movie theaters. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.