Irish People Taste Test American Chocolate Candies

These fortunate Irish folk get to try so many wonderful foods under the guise of a social experiment or taste test for the Facts. YouTube channel that it'll make you jealous. Like when they recently tried a bunch of lobster rolls (share, please), this one will make you wish you were there with them.

In their latest video, they're trying American chocolate treats. When they try American foods, patriotism this side of the Atlantic seems to rise. If your national pride is tied closely to how others view Raisinets, heed this warning. It's time for you to turn back.

For just eating a bunch of chocolate, they find plenty of reasons to not like many of the treats with the exception of Snickers Crisper. A few looked like they might renounce their Irish citizenship if it gave them regular access to those bars.

The most universal distaste was reserved for Raisinets. Accurate criticisms include "it looks like rabbit poop," "positively underwhelming," and "the problem with them is they really taste like real raisins." One of the taste testers drilled the existential question inherent to every box of Raisinets: "Have you ever met someone who was like, 'Oh, I'd love a raisin'?"

Oh, and with regard to the elephant in the room: Yes, they do use candy as a percussion instrument to sing "Oh Danny Boy."

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