Irish People Taste Test American Halloween Candy

Published On 10/27/2016 Published On 10/27/2016

The Facts. YouTube channel is here to remind you that Halloween is kind of weird. Their band of "Irish People" are taste testing American candy, like just about every American will be doing for the next couple weeks. But instead of Double Bubble and those fruity Tootsie Rolls you can only find in October, the residents of Facts. are taste testing some strange Halloween-themed flavors of popular American sweets. 

They give the new candy corn-flavored Oreos a go (and twist them, not realizing that the creme is always on the same side), as well as caramel apple Twizzlers and Pumpkin Patch Orange Pop Rocks, which take one taste tester who has never had Pop Rocks by surprise. They also try the new Boo-terscotch M&Ms and no one is surprised to discover that boo-terscotch isn't a natural flavor. 

The Irish decide that Halloween is an episode of Breaking Bad for some reason. "Halloween is just basically like everyone just take meth," says one of the taste testers. It's possible the Irish don't know what meth is. It's that or they don't know what Halloween is. 

Watch the taste test above, then check out their taste test of American Halloween snacks from last year below. 

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