Irish People Taste Test Chinese Snacks

Published On 12/11/2016 Published On 12/11/2016

The Irish folk of the Facts. YouTube channel are back with another video in which they taste test and ridicule foodstuffs. This time, it's Chinese snacks and it provides some fertile ground for ridicule with basically no one enjoying anything but the iced tea. 

Outside of the tea, things get progressively worse as they move through the snacks. The White Rabbit treats are basically flavorless. Then they move to a fruit candy that earns the designation of being "in the top 10 worst things I've had on Facts." Another taste tester notes, "They're like Fruit Roll-Ups, but the fruit is made out of crap." 

"It kind of feels like you're eating stationery," remarks another. 

The last treat is a bit of dried bean curd that fulfills viewers' unspoken wish of finding something worse than the Fruit Roll-Up imposter. Lurking behind a mascot of "a middle-aged man having a breakdown" was a snack that inspired many opinions on what it tastes like. The consensus comes down to a condom, cat food, or glue. So... delicious?

These candies need a champion to defend why people like them. American candy did not get such harsh reviews. Though, as noted in the video, lovers of these Chinese snacks living in China won't even be able to defend the honor of these snacks, because YouTube is blocked in China.

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