Irish People Try Girl Scout Cookies for the First Time

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The Irish folk behind the Facts. YouTube series are taking on one of America's most sacred institutions in their latest video. They taste test Girl Scout Cookies and remind you that not everyone in the world has the opportunity twice a year to fill their arms with delicious sugary treats from the local Girl Scouts. Not everyone gets to inhale samoas. Not everyone gets to spend a month with a freezer full of thin mints. 

The taste test starts with smores. The opinions vary, even though the cookies are met with no small amount of confusion. They aren't that marshmallowy and the taste testers rightly assume that an organization with camping at its heart might get the most hallowed of camping snacks right.

They flip through a few before they get to the Grand Poobah. Thin mints. They're met with the proper reverence. Many taste testers note they've heard of these before and have always wanted to try them. "I see how you could eat a whole pack," opines one cookie consumer. Yup. And then another. Then the other box. 

Overall, the taste testers seem to think Girl Scout Cookies held up to their reputation. As one taster points out, Americans should be thankful these cookies are around. "We only get Jehovah's Witnesses to our doors and they don't bring cookies," she said.

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Dustin Nelson is a Senior Staff Writer at Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.