Irish People Taste Test Hanukkah Classics

The "Irish People" series from the Facts. YouTube channel is sticking with the holiday spirit after giving Christmas candies a go. In their latest video, they're taste testing Hanukkah foods, driving home the fact that a lot of Hanukkah food isn't too far removed from Irish cuisine. Potatoes and brisket? Yup, they're in the middle of the Venn diagram.

As you might guess, Hanukkah foods are given a big thumbs up for the most part. With latkes and fried jelly donuts (sufganiyah) on the menu, it's hard to imagine who wouldn't be giving these foods a stamp of approval. 

Though, kugel did not get a lot of love. One compliment paid to it was that it was "nice and hot." Another noted that it tastes like a Rice Krispie treat made out of "egg and pasta and weird."

Some of the foods in the taste test rank well on this list of the best Hanukkah foods (though sufganiyah sadly didn't make the cut). Watch the video above and then head to the store because some of this sounds like a necessary part of tonight's dinner.

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